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Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy (S&P) is one of the 7 technical majors offered by the EIT ICT Labs Master School.


You should choose this major, if: 

  • you are interested in the very complex and challenging field of information assurance;
  • you want to study the design, development and evaluation of secure computer systems which are also capable of ensuring privacy for future ICT systems;
  • you wish to improve your knowledge of core network security principles, traffic filtering, traffic analysis, cryptography, tunnelling and encapsulation, public-key infrastructure, remote-authentication protocols, and virtual private networks;
  • you would like to work for a company that provides product services, such as telecom companies, financial institutes, software and hardware vendors;
  • you want to start your own company, providing product or technology development, business development or consultancy services;
  • you wish to have an advanced research career in industry and academy.

The goals of the programme: 

  • to develop an understanding of the concepts and technologies for achieving confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, and privacy protection for information processed across networks;
  • to provide competences in communication, knowledge integration, open innovation and technology management from the viewpoints of both business and technology.

Security and Privacy has an important role in the field of:

  • Future Media and Content Delivery
  • Smart Spaces
  • Smart Energy Systems
  • Intelligent Mobility and Transportation Systems
  • Digital Cities
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • ICT-Mediated Human Activity

The structure of the programme:

  • 1st year at University of Trento/Technische Universität Berlin/University of Twente - Common base: It develops a common background and prepares the students for all the technical specializations offered in the programme. The courses are related to five main disciplines: Network Security; Software OS/Security; Information Security Management; Cryptography; Privacy.
  • 2nd year at ELTE - Specialization in Advanced Cryptography: It focuses on the general ideas, techniques and methods of Applied Cryptography as well as on the theoretical background and solid knowledge, putting security in a wider context.

1st semester at ELTE

Advanced Cryptography

Cryptographic Protocols

Cryptography and its Applications

Economics of Security and Privacy

Applied Cryptography Project Seminar


2nd semester at ELTE

Master’s Thesis




The Major Coordinator is Assoc. Prof. Péter Sziklai, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, ELTE. He is the head of the ELTECRYPT research group and the managing editor of the journal Combinatorica published by Springer. His research interests include cryptography, finite geometries and structures over finite fields and their applications. He has been the leader of numerous national and international R&D projects.

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