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Service Design and Engineering

Service Design and Engineering (SDE) is one of the 7 technical majors offered by the EIT ICT Labs Master School.


You should choose this major, if:

  • you are interested in digital, software intensive services towards which the whole industry, software technology and engineering, as well as information systems are shifting from software products;
  • you would like to cope with novel challenges and opportunities that sensor networks, social computing, peer-to-peer interactions, mobile, location and context aware services, and more generally, the merging of the real and virtual worlds in all spheres of human life create;
  • you wish to use the new advances in cloud computing to deal with the current information overload and the growing demand for new service model;
  • you want to work as a software engineer, software/information architect, systems engineer, business/service development manager, account manager, enterprise architect or consultant;
  • you want to to take up a management or leadership position at the international level;
  • you want to have an advanced research career in industry and academy.

The goals of the programme:

  • to develop the multidisciplinary technical skills that are needed for the designing and building of digital, software intensive services based on service-oriented architectures;
  • to develop an understanding of and the ability to analyse the organizational settings and the user and business requirements in which the service-based systems are deployed and used;
  • to bridge the gap between Computer Science (CS) and Software Engineering (SE), and between Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS).

Service Design and Engineering has an important role in the field of:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Smart Energy Systems
  • Digital Cities of the Future
  • Intelligent Mobility and Transport
  • Smart Spaces

The structure of the programme:

  • 1st year at Aalto University/Eindhoven University of Technology/University of Trento - Common base: It develops a common background and prepares the students for all the technical specializations offered in the programme. The courses are related to four main disciplines: Introduction to Services; Complex Systems Architecture; Information Systems; Software Engineering and Development.
  • 2nd year at ELTE - Specialization in Distributed Service Systems: It supports the design, analysis and development of complex distributed telecommunication services.

1st semester at ELTE

Building Distributed Systems

Service-Oriented Integration

Analysis of Distributed Systems

Design of Distributed Systems

Advanced Java Programming


2nd semester at ELTE

Master’s Thesis




Why choose ELTE for specialization?

  • You can join strong research groups involved in analysing complex systems used in social services, communication networks and services provided by telecommunication software.
  • You can work on large-scale innovative projects initiated by industrial partners, i.e. Ericsson Hungary, Nokia Solutions and Networks Hungary, Telecom Hungary, Cisco and ELTE-Soft.
  • You can experience the lively atmosphere of the Infopark, where the university campus is co-located with the industrial partners.
  • You can enjoy the unique urban culture and vivid nightlife of Budapest with its world famous ruin pubs and exclusive spas.

The Major Director is Prof. Zoltán Horváth, Dean of the Faculty of Informatics at ELTE, Head of the Department of Programming Languages and Compilers, Director of the EIT ICT Labs Budapest Associate Partner Group. His research interests include programming methodology, parallel programming and functional programming. His current projects include: Refactoring Erlang programs, Functional Embedded Language for Digital Signal Processing and Parallelism.

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