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Digital Media Technology

Digital Media Technology (DMT) is one of the 7 technical majors offered by the EIT ICT Labs Master School.


You should choose this major, if:

  • you want to focus on the technologies for digital media systems and the creation of interactive media;
  • you would like to attend courses on the processing and coding of media, wired and wireless transfer, and the storage of media content;
  • you wish to acquire knowledge and skills that you can apply in diverse application domains, including logistics, surveillance, road safety, extreme weather forecast, and energy management, increasingly important in the areas of “smart spaces”, “health and well-being”, and “smart cities”.

The goals of the programme:

  • to blend the media technologies with man-machine interaction, artificial intelligence techniques and the underlying internet and hardware layers;
  • to develop the skills to analyse 3D data in real time (from camera’s and other scanning techniques such as radar, lidar, remote sensing, etc.) and to merge it with scientific computation and simulation;
  • to interpret the data and to predict possible outcomes within real time (on GPU type of processors).

Digital Media Technology has an important role in the field of:

  • Teleconferencing
  • Interactive multimedia applications
  • Entertainment
  • Computer games
  • Telemedicine, etc.

The structure of the programme:

  • 1st year at Aalto University/Delft University of Technology/KTH Royal Institute of Technology - Common base: It develops a common background and prepares the students for all the technical specializations offered in the programme. 
  • 2nd year at BME - Specialization in Media Communications Service: It focuses on communications and delivery networks, systems, enabling technologies and platforms for providing media services. 

1st semester at BME

Media Communications Networks

Service Delivery Architectures and Platforms

Project in Media Communications Services

Broadband Media Communications Systems

Communication Acoustics

Content Delivery Networks

Media Content Management Systems

Security in Media Communications


2nd semester at BME

Master’s Thesis




Main research areas at BME:

  • Media delivery over heterogeneous access networks
  • Videoconferencing applications for corporate environment
  • Development of e-health and telemedicine applications
  • A wide range of additional topics offered by the industrial partners, e.g. GE Healthcare and Cisco Systems

The Major Coordinator is Prof. Csaba Szabó, Department of Networked Systems and Services, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). His professional career has been a combination of outstanding academic record and industrial experience. At BME he is the head of the Laboratory of Multimedia Networks and Services (MEDIANETS). His laboratory’s core competences include digital broadcasting systems, media communications over IP networks and the Internet, mobile multimedia, network architectures and protocols.

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