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The EIT ICT Labs Master School

The Idea is to combine Technical Programmes with our Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor

What is the background of the EIT ICT Labs Master School?

  • ICT Labs is the European Union’s, and more specifically, the EIT’s (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) Knowledge and Innovation Community focused on Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The community emerged from the recognition that the best results (products) in the field of ICT can only be achieved through the close collaboration of experts representing three sectors: education, research and industry.
  • EIT ICT Labs has recently set up its Master School. The objective behind it is twofold. On the one hand, it aims to provide the students with a sound technical knowledge; on the other hand, it aims to stimulate an entrepreneurial mindset and develop valuable business skills. The students are expected to use their technical knowledge to generate breakthrough innovations on the global markets.

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The EIT ICT Labs Master School

What does EIT ICT Labs Master School offers you?

The EIT ICT Labs Master School offers a two year education in which you can choose two universities in two different European countries to build a curriculum of your choice based on your skills and interests. We offer double degrees which combine technical competence with a set of skills in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Almost 20 universities around Europe are committed to this education that offers a great variety of programmes.


The Seven Technical Programmes

  • Digital Media Technology (DMT)
  • Distributed Systems and Services (DSS)
  • Embedded Systems (ES)
  • Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCID) 
  • Internet Technology and Architecture (ITA)
  • Security and Privacy (S&P)
  • Service Design and Engineering (SDE)


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Besides fundamental knowledge on this topic you learn how to drive your innovations to the market. The Master's thesis which you prepare in collaboration with a business includes creating a business plan for the commercial exploitation of your project. A basic course in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Business Development Labs Course are the vital parts of this module.


Double Degrees and the EIT ICT Labs Certificate

Students that complete the EIT ICT Labs Master School will receive a double degree from both universities in their individual study plan. They also earn our EIT ICT Labs certificate, documenting the specific EIT ICT Labs learning outcomes.


Network of Universities

Turn your studies into your dream education! Check out our Track Finder to build your dream combination of programmes and universities. You can pick your entry or home university (1st year) and your exit university (2nd year) out of the top technical universities in Europe.


Co-Location Centres around Europe

EIT ICT Labs is organised in nodes located in Berlin, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Paris, Stockholm and Trento. Each one has a Co-Location Centre where you, researchers, and business partners come together to share and create ideas. The Co-Location Centre is the place for you to network both in person and in the video-café but also for other extra curriculum activities such as summer schools.



Mobility affects you in many ways throughout the education. You do not only study at two different universities in two different European countries, but also travel to kick-off events and summer schools to meet other students, business partners and professionals. Learning about cultural and language differences helps you on your route to become an expert in your technical field and to succeed as a manager in global markets.


European Top Researchers

Renowned European research facilities are partnered with EIT ICT Labs to provide assistance to you throughout the education. We are providing the best possible resources for you to succeed.


Leading Business Partners

A wide range of first class businesses are partnered with EIT ICT Labs to give you hands-on experience of what your future looks like. You are working closely with our business partners throughout the whole education, and you will get the chance to prepare your master's thesis with our partners on real life projects. 

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